Rutin's Gloomy Market with Huaimi's High Price

As we all know, Rutin's price fluctuates with Huaimi's price. But Rutin manufacturers see Huaimi's high price and Rutin's unfavorable market in 2013.

The rutin level in domestic and Vietnamese Huaimi are different, so are the prices. Considering the production cost, domestic manufacturers prefer to import Huaimi from Vietnam. The Huaimi's output dropped again in Vietnam this year. The purchasing price is lower than Vietnamese farmers' expected price, which impaired their picking enthusiasm and thus failed to pick at the best time.

Huaimi has been successfully cultivated in China. Take Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region for example, Quanzhou County grows 65 thousand mu of JinHuai (Huaimi's new variety). The domestic Huaimi is sold at 70 to 80 yuan per kilogram, largely higher than that of Vietamese Huaimi. This is one of the reasons why some manufacturers choose Vietamese Huaimi other than domestic one.

On the global gloomy economy, most Rutin firms operate with no profit, even at a loss, just waiting for the warmer market. But the future market is so vague and obscure that we can't predict. What we can do is just waiting and watching, according to general manager Gui, Xi'an Rainbow Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

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