Bright Future of Silymarin Industry in Panjin

In 2013, Milk Thistle sees the same planting area as last year. Although the yield in some area declined on unfavorable climate, the price remains stable due to adequate storage.

Silymarin has seen stable supply and demand in the past half year and no change is foreseen in the future, according to someone from Panjin Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Panjin has developed an industry chain of Milk Thistle, whose output is more than 4000 tons per year. With yearly Silymarin output of 700 tons, Panjin exports 300 tons which accounts for over 50 percent the country's total export volume.

There are eight Silymarin manufacturers and two of them gain GMP certification in Panjin. For further processing, Panjin also appeals to domestic and oversea enterprises such as Hangzhou Wahaha Group and NongFu Spring. Many new products based on Milk Thistle will be lanuched by 2015, including oil, wine, protein, beverage and feed. Panjin is predicted to produce 1000 tons silymarin and 100 tons silybin in 2017.

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