Rutin Price Rises on Bad Harvest for Huaimi

The Huaimi harvest is coming this year. As Huaimi happened to bloom in the rainy season, the yield seriously declines this year. The market price, therefore, stays stubbornly high. Most Huaimi traders lost money last year. As for the high price, Rutin manufacturers don't purchase Huaimi in large quantity. According to, a few traders are now desperate to sell Huaimi at a lower price to release fund pressure, which may affect Huaimi's future market.

"The rutin market has become abnormal since June. Owing to higher price for Huaimi, rutin price has risen by 18 percent in September against June. To avoid risk, Rutin manufacturers make production schedule just according to the demand. It is hard to predict rutin's future market. Producers and traders are still waiting and watching.

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