Evolutions and Innovations for Natural Antioxidants

Lv Xian gang, R&D Manager from BGG, outlined the history, antioxidant function and the innovations of natural antioxidants.

The first-generation antioxidants is featured by Vitamins; the second is by coenzymes and minerals (CoQ10 etc.); the third is by natural polyphenols, flavonoids, phenolics and its esters; the fourth is by natural carotenoids such as carotenes (beta-carotene, lycopene) and xanthophyll (astaxanthin).

BGG's berry-sourced anthocyanidin includes bilberry extract, lingonberry extract, elderberry extract, rowanberry extract and black currant extract. The top highest-ORAC berry is rowanberry for bloodstream improvement, followed by elderberry with antiviral benefits and black currant for eye health. But bilberry's benefits for eyes are still not recognized and accepted by large consumers. Lingonberry has the ability to inhibit tyrosinase and melanin's production, which can applied in functional foods and cosmetics with whitening benefits.

BGG's patent apple polyphenol, ApplePhenon(R), is supported by scientific research. It's OPC that gives the benefits for ApplePhenon(R) to lower LDL, decrease the absorption of cholesterol and deposition of lipids in the blood-vessels. ApplePhenon(R) can also renew vigour and whitening skin, which is proved by studies. Thanks to the safety and efficiency of ApplePhenon(R), the functional product featured by ApplePhenon(R) has been launched in Japan.

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