SFDA give the herb list of food and drug(1)


   The China Ministry of Health  publicized the list of Food and drug homologous .The TCM in the list can be used in food production safely.By refering to the People's Republic of China pharmacopoeia(1985 edition) and China Medicine academy of sciences sanitation institute's <food ingredient list>.


   Firt batch(the earlise edition):sword bean ,yam,lily,adlay seed,red small bean,peanut,dry ginger,Perilla,pawpaw,Gogi,laminarin,algae,hawthorn(red fruit),mulberry,almond,white fruit (fruit of ginkgo),lotus seed,oyster,Grand Torreya Seed ,Zanthoxylum,honey,Fu Sheo ,ageratum,haricot bean,longan,Gordon Euryale Seed ,lettuce,light touchi,peach seed,black sesame,aniseed fennel;Zaocys dhumnades ,Razer Lachesis,Spine Date Seed ,gardenia,liquorice,cinnamon,Corsvenor Momordica Fruit,Fructus Citri Aurantii Amarae,Cassia Seed,Radish Seed,Tangerine Peel,Amomum Fruit ,ebony,nutmeg,Radix Angeligae Dahricae,chrysanthermum,ageratum,Chinese Bushcherry Seed ,green fruit,sand thorn,,mint,clove,Allium macrostemon Bunge,Lesser Galangal Rhizome,citron,Fructus Cannabis,Orange peel,tuchahoe, Elsholtzia stauntoni,safflower.


   Second batch(1991 renewed):wheat germ,Brassica juncea(L.) Czern. et Coss seed,Fresh Lalang Grass Rhizome,lotus leaf,mulberry leaf,Chickens Gizzard-membrane,purslane,fresh  Reed Rhizome .


   Third batch(1998 renewed):dandelion,Sharpleaf Galangal Fruit,honeysuckle,Common Lophatherum Herb ,Puerariae Root, Houttuynia cordata Thunb. total 76 species herb.


Fourth batch(2002 renewed): to be continued



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