TCM GAP base building in China


   Medicinal herb is one of the most special Chinese traditional resources.   And the TCM industry is also Chineae original superiority and feature.But as time going ,the TCM resource as Chinese Agricultural wealth has exposured so many troubles.for example:the fading wild herb resource, high pesticide residues from the cultivated medicinal plant,exceeded heavy metal content,decrease of the active ingredient in medicinal herb,draggling cultivation technology.All of these have badly blocked the Sustainable development of TCM resource industry.


   For lighten the sress of wild herb resource,ensure the TCM can develop sustainably,State Food and Drug Administration(SFDA) published the TCM quality control criterion.(abbr.GAP).The criterion was first guided in 2002.


   During these years,more than 800 TCM GAP base has established and developed very well.


   China leading herb extract and herb medicine manufacurer Tianjin tasly pharmaceutical group have successfully established the Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae  GAP cultiating base for 6000 mu.



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