Garlic extract project looking for cooperation


   One excellent research institue in Tianjin announced they have finished the exracting mothod of garlic, Allicin is the active ingredient from garlic.Now the herb extract producer only can provide the 1%,2%,3% Allicin。Although some can provide the 4% powder of allicin, they also can not keep its stability.


   This leading author of the project told that they also exploited the isolated technology of garlic amylose. 30%,50%,70% could get easily.they think they had the most advanced allicin producing technology and the garlic amylose isolated technology.


   Now ,they are ready to invest a producing line with 2 tons  4% allicin and 40 tons 30%  garlic amylose yearly.  they also hope the investor or other company join together .




 If you have any qustion ,Please contact us to !

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