Tianjin Cinorch pharmaceutical lauched Astragalus preparation


   Traditional Chinese Medicine attribute Astragalus to tonifying Qi. Astragalus has the function of nurishing Qi,lifting Yang,benifiting nutrient factors,stabiizing exterior,inducing diuresis to alleviate edema etc.


    Astragalus is often used to cure  deficiency of Qi, lack of strength,no appetite, loose stool,have diarrhoea for a long time,collapse of vital energy.enhance the ability of systole,enpand blood vessels,lower the blood pressure,amend skin blood circulation and improve the nutrition status.


   Tianjin Cinorch pharmaceutical have obtain two Astragalus's  Production Approvals Number.One is Astragalus amylose Production Approvals Number,another one is Astragalus preparation Production Approvals Number.Cinorch will explore the Southeast Asia market and taiwan market for both the ingredient and preparation market.and the Europe and American market it the next market srategy. The single preparations of TCM is on the road of tendency.


Cinorch pharmaceutical


    Tianjin Cinorch pharmaceutical Co;Ltd established in March ,2000.is a joint venture by Tianjin Zhong xin pharmaceutical and Luxemburg Orchid company.invested 11.27Million $.Cinorch is the most advanced modern Powdery Injection of Traditioanl Chinese Medicine in north of China.



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