Taihe mint crop base is melting away



   China's largest mint production base - Taihe County in Anhui Province,It is investigated that the mint planting acreage decreased severely.Taihe County menthol farming has been facing the Danger of disappearing.


   Menthol from  the whole plant mint,It is used for evacuation of wind-heat, benefit the head clear and eyes in TCM.The dry mint  herb mainly treats cold by hot-wind with the Symptomes of headache, pharyngodynia, toothache, skin itching. Taihe County are renowned for their cultivation of Mint.There is a famous motto:world mint to see China, China mint to see Taihe County" .


   In previous years ago,the mint in Taihe had the good quality,and great output.There was over 280,000 mu in 1996, mint oil's price climbed to 500 RMB/kg.and then is the situation coming :more and more farmer joinde in to this field ,the provide far exceeded the demand.the price of mint oil decreased to 150 RMB/kg suddenly .all of the planting area in Taihe reduced to 30,000  mu in 2003.and 5000 mu in 2004.Finally,the total area of mint is no more than 1000 mu.


    The reason why :

1.repeating crop for so many years.the soil output decreased.

2.the variety of mint degenerated

3.market trendency influenced,the income of farmer can not ensured.

4.The herb extract manufactrurer stopped producing the methnol.the demand decreased.



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