Cross-border e-commerce storm:nine global health products brands prepare for Tmall 618
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The taste of Q bombs and the variety of fruit flavors,at Tmall International, these imported health products, which are popular among young consumers, are turning into soft candy and jelly, and have maintained high growth for two consecutive years at an annual rate of over 300%.

Australia's Swisse, British Myprotein, French Biocyte, Canada Herbaland, American Vitafusion, Japan Esther pro labo and other nine major health care brands from all over the world prepared for Tmall 618 in advance, introducing functional foods such as soft candy, jelly, biscuits, milkshakes and other snacks to meet the needs of Chinese consumers for imported health products.

Functional Products has become the international consumption trend in Tmall

Nowadays, 90/95 of young people pay more and more attention to "food supplement", not only oral beauty is in vogue: Hyaluronic acid, enzymes, collagen are turned into eating and drinking. Health care products have also become more and more delicious, fudge, jelly type and other better taste of health care products are increasingly favored.


According to the 2018 China sleep Quality Survey, 83.81% of respondents were often plagued by sleep problems, with up to 25.83% of those who had trouble falling asleep, this means that 8 out of every 10 people often lose sleep.

Sleep aids have become a must-have for people to improve their sleep quality. However, the pill, tablets, and capsules in the form of traditional health care products have poor taste and need to be swallowed by water, which also increases the possibility of getting up at night and is difficult to meet the needs of all consumers.


Hypnotic gummy is good after 90/95. Based on this new consumption demand, the health care products of the United States, Japan, Australia and other countries have improved the product formula to produce snack foods such as soft candy and jelly. The taste of fruit is obviously improved in taste, especially popular among female consumers.


According to Tmall International data, the consumption of imported health care products represented by sleep aids has maintained high growth for two consecutive years. Among them, sales of soft candy and jelly-type functional foods and sales of products increased by 377% and 352% respectively, becoming a new trend in import consumption.


Global health products brands prepare for Tmall 618

In preparation for Tmall 618, the United States Vitafusion, moved free, France's Biocyte, Canada's Herbaland, Japan's Esthe Pro Labo and other global health care products brands through Tmall International introduced fudge, jelly, biscuits, milkshake and other snack form of functional food, covering sleep, beauty, replenish physical strength, strong muscles and other health care functions.


Myprotein in the UK, Fatblaster in the United States, Nestle Health Science in Switzerland will also take the opportunity of Tmall 618 to hatch lipoprotein sticks, plastic meal powder, substitute milkshakes and other new categories of healthcare products in the Chinese market.

In addition to focusing on efficacy, Chinese consumers have high demand for health care products such as taste, portability and ease of consumption. This series of data insights also accelerates the process by which major brands introduce and hatch new products through Tmall International.


So far, Tmall International has introduced 77 countries and regions, more than 4,000 categories, super 20,000 overseas brands into the Chinese market, become the first platform for Chinese people to buy imported goods.

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