Paprika Oleoresin Expects Warmer Market

After experiencing serial events such as Custom Code, Paprika Oleoresin sees a warmer market in H2 2013, when the economy recovers slightly in the west market. But it will take time for Paprika Oleoresin to regain its prosperous market.

"The Paprika yield dropped with less planting area this year. Paprika Oleoresin sees a lower price against the same period of last year." said a manager from Henan Zhongda Biological Engineering Co., Ltd." The extract based on newly-picked Paprika will arrive on the market nearly. But owing to the gloomy economy, it shows no large demand for Paprika Oleoresin. New inventors have withdrawn from this market in the past two years."

On the term of plasticizer and pesticide, there is a higher standard for Paprika Oleoresin in the international market. Only a few domestic manufacturers can offer this superior product, including Chenguang Biotech Group and Henan Zhongda Biological Engineering. These firms provide a powerful support for our dominant extracts to be competent on the global market.

For E150 Paprika Oleoresin, the price difference is 20 to 30 Yuan per kilogram. The future market will probably be warmer according to better economy.

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